Official Relationship

Official Relationships with International Organisations

Since its beginning, the ѻý (WMA) – as a global organisation representing the voice of physicians – has sought to cooperate and collaborate with the United Nations and other key international organisations. In its early years, the ѻýwas based in New York, close to the main seat of the United Nations. In 1974, the ѻýdecided to move the office to the Geneva area to be close to the World Health Organization and the heart of the growing international community.

Because the WMA’s core mission is to promote health and the well-being of physicians and patients, the is a key focus of WMA’s external relations. The ѻýis in ”Official Relations” with the WHO, which means that we are committed to supporting the policy and work of the WHO. At the same time, ѻýseeks to advise and influence the work of this inter-governmental body. Our cooperation with the WHO is very broad and covers nearly all areas of medicine.  However, there is a currently a strong focus on health systems development and strengthening and public health programmes, such as .

For information regarding WHO Official Relations  please visit their section on .

The ѻýalso cooperates with many other UN organisations and specialized programmes that deal directly with health issues or whose focus intersects with health concerns:

The ѻýcooperates with other United Nations bodies such as the , the or the , when particular issues arise that relate to health or medical professional issues.

For information regarding WMA’s relationship and work with the and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Highest Attainable Standard of Health, please visit our Human Rights section.

Since 1950 the ѻýhas maintained a working relationship with the , which is an intergovernmental body.