Ukraine Medical Help Fund by WMA, CPME and EFMA

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

During the past days we have cooperated with member and partner associations to set up a support structure to funnel medical help to Ukraine. This has been triggered by the request of our Ukrainian colleagues.

In order to bring funds to medical supply chains the ѻý has set up an account to serve this common efforts. (Please see below for the account number and bank address).

The Ukraine Medical Help Fund has been set up by an ad-hoc coalition of

  • the European Forum of Medical Associations (EFMA),
  • the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), and the
  • ѻý (WMA) (holding the account for donations).

The Fund is governed by

  • the Taskforce Ukraine, which is composed of representatives of the medical associations (int/national) involved in the execution of the project, i.e. the WMA, EFMA, CPME, the Polish Chamber of Doctors and Dentists the Slovakian Medical Association and the Slovakian Medical Chamber. More organisations are invited to join or have already indicated to do so. The Taskforce will recommend the use of funds to the Steering Committee.
  • the Steering Committee consisting of the Secretary Generals of CPME, ѻýand EFMA and is chaired by ѻýPast President Prof. Dr Leonid Eidelman.

It has been set up to assist persons with medical needs suffering under the current war on Ukraine under the following rules:

  1. In light of the difficulties of obtaining the necessary medicines and medical equipment in Ukraine, the primary purpose is to get medical goods (medicines, medical products, special diets (e.g. baby food) and other tools to maintain health care) into Ukraine (transport and distribution within Ukraine). For that we use the cooperation of the Ukrainian Medical Association and our member and partner organizations in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries. Of those the national associations and or chambers of Poland and Slovakia and the Slovakian Medical Association have already agreed to help technically (and more may join). However, they are already strongly engaged and their capacity to step up is limited.
  2. The stream of refugees is enormous. The neighbouring countries are doing their best to serve and shelter the refugees. Many of the migrants will have severe medical needs and part of the funds may be used for medical assistance for refugees, should the health care systems of the recipient countries get overwhelmed.
  3. Should we come to a point where we find that a partner organization e.g. the ICRC or another charity doing work on the Ukrainian territory can do better to reach our colleagues and their patients in Ukraine, we may divert funds to those organizations. We may also consider portals of the Ukrainian government as long as we get assurance that funds will be used for medical and humanitarian purposes.
  4. The organizations building this coalition (CPME, EFMA and WMA) will provide their work as benefit in kind and will not charge for their services.

Donations can be made to the following account:


Domiciliation: ANNEMASSE ENTERPRISES (04335)

International Banking Account Number:

IBAN: FR76 30003 0433500050005353 78

Bank Identification Code BIC: SOGEFRPP

Account Owner:


13A Chemin du Levant